The Power of Networking

Impactful way of engaging with people

The first networking event I attended was terrifying. It took place during my first year at university in London. Very quickly however, I came to the realisation that it was one of the most valuable uses of my time. I say that in terms of value of return, or return of investment, and not just in monetary terms or value.

Networking is important for personal and professional development. It can be free and allows you to engage and connect with full of like-minded individuals to connect. If you pitch yourself at the right frequency, networking events can also be full of people that you can work with or learn from in some sort of capacity.

Often people feel too busy to attend networking events. This is a shame as you can get a lot of enjoyment from them. Often you can count it being work related. This is because you are inevitably spreading the name of your business across an audience. This in turn has the potential to add value to your business. Moreover, it is a super great chance to learn something new and get some innovative ideas.

Face your imposter syndrome head on

Everyone feels it, irrespective of their stage in their career or how senior they may seem. Often high achievers share this trait (super common!). Here they feel like complete frauds, and that their accomplishments the result of sheer luck or chance. I am also one of these people, confession overload.

Imposter syndrome is complex. It is the belief that you are an inadequate failure. This is even the case even if there is evidence that indicates you’re skilled and quite successful. It can be visible in a variety of ways depending on a person’s background, personality, and circumstances.

A lot of people experience this feeling. It is not uncommon for the most successful people to encounter this phenomenon. Some say that the best way to combat this is to take the bull by the horns, tackling it head on. I couldn’t agree more, as this process is quite frightening due to the unknown.

Jessica Gosling